Employer Action Plan

STANDING FIRM's mission is to arm employers with tools to effectively address partner violence in the workplace. The Employer Action Plan gives employers a roadmap of steps to take.

The Action Plan identifies your organization as one that is committed to addressing this issue. It provides you with a beginning roadmap of steps you want to take within your organization. The Action Plan also allows us at STANDING FIRM to offer you assistance with specific parts of your plan.

Employer Action Plan Against Partner Violence

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is committed to addressing the issue of partner violence as a workplace and workforce issue.

We RECOGNIZE that partner violence impacts our employees, our company, and our business.

We plan to take action to RESPOND effectively to partner violence in our organization. We will: (check all that apply)*

Develop a company policy to address our expectations for employees [OR] review and upgrade our current policy
Complete a company survey to document the prevalence of this issue amongst our employees
Complete awareness training across our workforce
Complete training to prepare our managers and supervisors to respond effectively when partner violence is a concern
Complete training for our security & safety staff
Complete training for our Human Resources staff
Develop a 3 to 5 year plan for sustaining our company’s attention to this issue
Upgrade our knowledge of community referrals and resources

We will upgrade/maintain our ability to REFER employees to appropriate support and intervention services in the community as needed.

(example: 123-123-1234)

DATE: 07-19-18